3D Environment / Lighting


Evoke - VR Game

Game currently in development.Debut title by Polyflame an indie game company made up of 3 artists and a single programmer and designer.

CEA Technologies - Contract Work

Environment and assets created for marketing purposes.Provided a realtime turntable/viewing app as well as rendered videos and stills.

Adjudged - VR Game

Detective game set in 1947, created during a fifteen week project using Unity 2017. Realistic film noir art style, employing lighting techniques used in films made during the 1940 - 1950's.The development team included four artists, one full time designer and three programmers.

I was the lead artist on the project and ensured that the art direction was followed. I created assets and worked inside of Unity on the composition, lighting and set dressing. Developed the level design closely with the game designer, using real world reference to create the floor plan. Involved in testing and optimising passes throughout development using the built in unity profiler to debug frame rate issues.

Kitchen - Environment

Hyper-realistic environment created in Unity 5 during a 48hr Game Jam.

Created by a team of 4 artists including myself. I was responsible for the lighting, composition and set dressing as well as some asset creation.

Witch Gypsy Caravan Environment

Ten week environment project with a group of 4 artists rendered in UE4.

The environment was inspired by Disney Pixar's 'Brave' in particular the scene inside of the witch's hut. I worked on asset creation, composition, lighting and set dressing.